Agency Arms Premier Line Drop in Barrels are for those who prefer a purely functional design, while each of the Agency Drop In Barrels maintain the same core accuracy and reliability the Premier Line's focus is every detail paying special attention to the Polished Feed Ramps and Crown, reducing overall fricion. All Premier Line Drop In Barrels are 416R Stainless Steel, pulled broach rifling in 1:10 twist, (8) Octagonal Flutes machined around the circumference of the barrel, Large raised Agency "A" on the top of the lockup, deeply machined Agency Stylized "A"ion the Port side of the Lockup and complete with Polished feed ramp and crown for decreased friction.

Available currently in G17, G34 non threaded models, and G19 Threaded Models.

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Primier Dropin Barrel

Threaded +15.00