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At Red Tower Armoury, we have built our foundation on Excellence. We endeavour to provide the highest quality service, without compromise.


At Red Tower Armoury we have built our foundation on Excellence.  We endevour to provide the highest quality service, without compromise. Free shipping is up to our discretion, however if you would like to contact us we can work with you on how to best meet your needs. 


Red Tower Armoury is proud to provide a 100% Lifetime Guarantee for all of our Performance Surface Coatings with regards to any imperfections, premature wear or defects.  Red Tower Armoury does not warranty the use or application of the materials it manufacturers or supplies.  

Our only obligation shall be to replace any defective materials supplied by us or refund the original purchase price of the product after we have determined it to be defective.  Although we make every possible effort to ensure that each Performance Surface Coating application is up to currently held industry standards, the suitability of the products or intended uses shall be the sole responsibility of the user and/or buyer.  Red Tower Armoury does not warranty its prodcuts with the use of reloaded or non-factory new ammunition.

All work will be preformed as fast as our schedule will allow. You will be given an estimated time of completion on your ticket when you drop off a project. You will be given 30 days after project completion to pick up your project. After that a $50/month fee will apply. Once the invoice amount plus the storage fees are greater than the value of the parts, they may be liquidated to cover RTA's incurred cost. Active duty military will be given free storage of projects if on deployment. 


Having been fully informed of the above, the user and/or buyer assumes full responsibility of the purchase of this product and holds Red Tower Armoury harmless of any and all liability, including, without limitation, any defectiveness to the product that leads to property damage to products, bodily injury, harm, or death.

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